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Feb 1, 2013 7:00pm EST
was in this railcar and slept in here. it's owned by these beautiful people, eloise and john paul degoria. the main thing here is you're helping support the st. bernard project. why is this so special to you? >> you bet. with our company called patron about six years ago we got involved with zach and this lovely lady when they gave up their lives to really help people in new orleans. we thought it was important to take care of people that are americans, humans just like you and i and they're customers and friends and people we have to help in the world. so we decided to put money and time into it and we use this patron express all over the nation raising funds to build the project and they're very successful, over 500 homes in a short period of time. >> reporter: what's exciting about this place is how beautiful and opulent it is but used for a good cause. that's got to make you proud. >> i'm just so proud that zach gave up his life to help the katrina project and he hopes to help other catastrophes around the world. i just admire them. we have been so successful. it just was meant to be. >> you k
Feb 2, 2013 11:00am PST
country and our world stronger, safer, fairer, and better. >> john kerry was sworn in yesterday and brings in the doughnuts for his new job monday morning. good mof. but a cnn political ed other tore paul steinhauser explains the hot topic is what could happen in four years. >> hey, miguel. it's the biggest question in presidential politics. will she run? the she, of course, is now former secretary of state hillary clinton. when asked in a global town hall a few days ago if she was thinking of making another bid for the white house, this was her answer. >> i am not thinking about anything like that right now. >> here's what she said the same day in an interview with cnn. >> have you decided that you absolutely will not run? >> well, i have absolutely no plans to run. >> no plans, but she isn't closing the door. clinton's returning to private life with poll numbers any politician would love. nearly seven in ten in a recent poll said they approved of the job she was doing as america's top dip low mat. and two-thirds said they had a favorable impression of her. but two things there was a part
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)